A company that sued Minneapolis after water leaked through the convention center roof onto their playground equipment is likely to get a payout.

A City Council panel is slated to discuss a $28,000 settlement Tuesday with Xccent Inc., the Wyoming, Minn.-based maker of fanciful playground equipment.

Xccent wrote in the suit that enough water leaked through the roof that “it was literally raining in Xccent’s booth” at the National Recreation and Park Association expo in 2010. They were hoping the event would lure new distributors, but say the water kept some at bay.

The $28,000 settlement is far short of the $61,000 Xccent spent to rent the booth. The suit had sought damages “far in excess of $50,000,” a standard clause in civil complaints.

The city has since repaired the domes, which are more than two decades old, by replacing their copper shells with a new plastic covering.

Photo: Workers repairing the roof in September 2012 (Glen Stubbe)