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Chuck Shepherd

Columnist | Weird news
Chuck Shepherd writes the syndicated column News of the Weird.
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News of the Weird: Obscure college 'sports' rise to the occasion

The recently concluded Olympics included a few of the more obscure athletic endeavors (such as dressage for horses and steeplechase for humans), but U.S. colleges…

News of the Weird: Congressman introduces magical resolution

In March, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), chairman of the House Rules Committee, introduced a resolution to recognize "magic" as one of America's "national treasure(s)," backed…

News of the weird: Glaciers and gender

University of Oregon Prof. Mark Carey produced a 10,300-word journal article in January proposing a new sensitivity to Earth's melting icecaps: a "feminist glaciology framework"…

News of the Weird: It pays to be a poet in Seattle

Seattle's ambitious Office of Arts & Culture has allocated $10,000 this year to pay a poet or writer to create a work while present on…

News of the weird: Cellist's album the cat's meow

Longtime National Symphony cellist David Teie announced in November that his crowdfunding project was hugely successful, freeing him to produce an album of music meaningful…
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