Because she's a fan -- on Facebook, of course -- Danica Goshert was among the first to know: See's Candies is coming to Minnesota.

The South San Francisco-based company confirmed Monday that it will open year-round kiosks at the Mall of America on Feb. 2 and at Rosedale Center in Roseville on Feb. 3.

See's Candies has a cult-like following for its chocolates, truffles and other treats. With overseas locations in Hong Kong, Japan and Macau, most of See's 200 stores lie west of the Rocky Mountains. Until now, its only toe in the Midwest was two locations in the Chicago area.

See's announced its Twin Cities arrival in a Jan. 8 posting on Facebook, where it has more than 26,000 fans.

Canadian immigrant Charles See opened the first See's store in Los Angeles in 1921. He ran it with his wife and mother, Mary, whose face became an iconic brand for the company. See's survived sugar rationing in World War II and made a big push into shopping malls in the 1950s.

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. bought the company in 1972. The "Oracle of Omaha" has been known to munch on See's peanut brittle while giving his annual address to shareholders.

"All is right," cooed Goshert, of St. Paul, who grew up in Oregon and moved to Minnesota seven years ago. "I can live here now."