Vikings coach Brad Childress is not a big fan of twitter and seems amused by the whole concept of people detailing their daily routine for public consumption.

But Childress admits he had a gut feeling tight end Visanthe Shiancoe was about to fuel his twitter battle with Saints safety Darren Sharper when he saw Shiancoe taking pictures next to a shooting target during a trip to a Minnesota National Guard base on Tuesday.

"It didn't take long to dot the I's and cross the T's," Childress said.

Shiancoe and Sharper -- former teammates and close friends -- have gone back and forth on twitter the past two weeks since Sharper's "X marks the spot" tweet regarding the Saints targeting Brett Favre's surgically repaired left ankle when the teams play in the season opener.

Shiancoe took things to a new level by posting several pictures from the National Guard trip. One of the shooting targets was a picture of Osama bin Laden with a No. 42 written on the chest and a caption that said "I'm Darren Sharper." The picture had holes after target practice.
Childress said he saw Shiancoe taking the photos and figured it was probably Sharper/twitter related.
"I knew exactly what was happening when I saw Shank go up and start to get pictures taken up by the target," Childress said.
Childress didn't sound overly concerned about the tone or message of the twitter exchanges between the two players, but he admits he'll step in at some point.
"Somewhere we’ll reel it in," he said.
Shiancoe was not on the field during Wednesday's OTA workout. 


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