Vikings coach Brad Childress addressed the media today following the first day of a three-day rookie camp at Winter Park. Not surprisingly, the topic quickly turned to quarterback Brett Favre and today's reports about his ankle and possible surgery. Here's what Childress had to say:

Q. What was your reaction to the latest report on Favre?

A. "Mine is the same. I still don't know [what he's going to do]. That's my story and I'm sticking to it from the way back when."

Q. When did he tell you about his ankle issues and the potential he might need surgery?

A. "That's been ongoing. That's a life issue for him. Whether he gets things fixed now or later or has to have an elbow cleaned out now or later or a shoulder cleaned out now or later, those are kind of ongoing. That's something that he's going to definitely have to have a grease, oil, filter late on down the line here."

Q. So you don't think this news has any real bearing on his future in football?

A. "It didn't have any bearing at the end of the season. We were aware of it and in fact spoke about it at the end of the season and it's just a matter of whether he was going to or not going to address. We all are familiar with [Favre's] aversion to surgery. That's no surprise. So it's just something if you want to live with it and whether you want to live with it the whole lifetime or want to fix it now, fix it again later. Again, I'm not a doctor."

Q. Have you looked at X-rays or the MRI of Favre's ankle?

A. "Yeah, but that's like me looking at a Picasso."

Q. You get input from the Vikings doctors on that?

A. "My people talking to their people? Shug [head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman] talks to all of them. He has a good relationship with Dr. [James] Andrews among others."

Q. Some people will say this is being done so Favre can skip the Mankato portion of training camp. But you've made it clear you don't have a problem with him skipping that portion, right?

A. "Yeah, I don't have a lot of illusions about the timing of the thing. As I mentioned to you, way back when, there was no manual back then and he played at a high level. How much does he need? He knows. I've got a ballpark idea of how much he needs and obviously what he got last year was plenty."

Q. How comfortable would you be with Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels as your top two quarterbacks going into the season?

A. "I think I've said before, it is what it is. Obviously, we didn't make a move and we're going forward with the guys that are on the roster right now."

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