Like many of your stories, the cabin I’m going to tell you about has a long and sentimental history. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it is. That is because my daughter Christina and her husband, Nick, just acquired it last year. It had been in the sellers’ family since it was built and it felt like they were handing over a treasure.

My daughter never wanted a cabin, was not in the market for a cabin, had no desire to ever live in a cabin. She is allergic to mosquitoes and thinks lakes are gross. She doesn’t like being in the water; she likes to fly. The flying is what led her to the cabin. Christina owns an aerial photography company and frequently does real estate drone shoots.

One day last spring she headed out to Lake Byllesby near Cannon Falls to photograph a cabin. She went home after the job was completed, and announced to her husband, “I want to buy the cabin I photographed today.” Nick about fell off his chair. A month later they were the proud owners of the cabin. And guess what? I think there may be a pontoon boat in their future.

Chrissy and Nick have two daughters ages 2 and 4. Christina’s twin sister, Katrina, and her husband, Scotty, also have two daughters, ages 3 and 5. The four girls are inseparable. In this first year that Chrissy and Nick have owned the cabin, they have already created so many happy memories. Check back in few decades and they can tell you about that long and sentimental history. I think the sellers really did pass along a treasure.

Michele Hake, Apple Valley