Perils of youth

The Twins have had at least three significant youth movements since moving to Minnesota in 1961. A fourth is likely to come, when the club throws highly regarded prospects Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario and Byron Buxton into the fire. History says it could get worse before it gets better.


Key players: Torii Hunter, Jacque Jones, Cristian Guzman, Corey Koskie and Doug Mientkiewicz were starters for the first time.

Record that season: 63-97

Growing pains: The Twins lost 93 games in 2000 — their eighth consecutive losing season — before going above .500 in 2001.


Key players: Rookie classmates Kent Hrbek, Gary Gaetti, Tom Brunansky and Frank Viola were mainstays of the roster.

Record that season: 60-102

Growing pains: The Twins weren't above .500 until 1987, when the rookie class of '82 became the veteran core of a world champion.


Key players: Rookies Lyman Bostock and Dan Ford were starters in the outfield, and Jim Hughes emerged as a frontline starting pitcher.

Record that season: 76-83

Growing pains: The Twins were above .500 next two seasons, but they didn't make it to postseason until 1987.