Salary cap: Players now receive 57 percent of $3.3 billion annual revenue. The NHL proposes a six-year CBA where players would receive between 47-49 percent (based on 5 percent assumed growth). The NHL Players' Association wants a five-year CBA where the players would receive between 54.3-52.3 percent (based on 7.1 percent assumed growth).

Paycuts: NHL wants players to take an immediate paycut and spread it over three years (through escrow); NHLPA refuses to see a decrease in salaries (players made $1.87 billion last year)

Revenue sharing between clubs: The NHL has proposed $195 million in revenue sharing; the NHLPA is proposing $245 million. No details on how money would be distributed among teams in either proposal.

Contracts: The NHL is proposing five-year maximum terms, free agency after 10 years of service instead of seven, five-year entry level contracts as opposed to three and abolishment of salary arbitration.