I'm ready for my closeup

I'm ready for my closeup

Most guys convicted of holding a knife to their wife’s throat get sentenced to spend some time with a lot of guys in orange jumpsuits with tattoos all over their foreheads, but as F. Scott Fitzgerald said, the rich are different than you and me. They have better lawyers. CNN is reporting that Charlie Sheen’s sentence may include . . . a theater internship.
The proposal includes a month of community service for Sheen, 44, working with Theater Aspen, according to Paige Price, the theater's artistic director.
"We've often been in a position of helping people fulfill their community service, but he would be our highest profile intern," Price said.

Community service used to mean picking up trash, not running the light board, but times change. Favorite quote:

Sheen, who began acting professionally in 1974, may teach master classes for professional actors working during Theater Aspen's summer productions, Price said.
The summer plays include "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!" -- billed as "a clever musical which follows the fate of the Big Bad Wolf."

 "There's no part in that for him," Price said.

And here we thought they'd be arguing over whether to cast him as a pig or a wolf.

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