A 22-year-old Brooklyn Park man charged with raping two women within three weeks this summer remains at large.

Authorities have yet to arrest Clarence A. Cooper, who was charged by warrant in Hennepin County District Court in connection with the alleged attacks in late June and mid-July.

"We are trying to get the suspect to turn himself in, but there is not an actual hunt for him," said Brooklyn Center Police Cmdr. Richard Gabler.Gabler added that his department doesn't suspect him in any additional sex offenses.

According to the criminal complaints:

A 54-year-old woman told Brooklyn Park police she met Cooper on June 24 at a church service in an office building. He spoke to her in the parking lot and "made odd comments suggesting that [she] was going to marry him and attempted to kiss [her]," the charges read.

The woman and other worshipers drove to a nearby restaurant, and Campbell followed, but the business was closed. The woman said she needed to use a bathroom, and Cooper said that his home was nearby with family members there.

The woman went into Cooper's bathroom, but he pulled her out and onto a bedroom mattress, where he raped her. A hospital exam revealed injuries consistent with a rape.

Police called Cooper, who contended the sex was consensual.

On July 16, the second victim told Brooklyn Center police that Cooper entered her apartment, dragged her to a couch and raped her. An examination revealed evidence of a sexual assault and bruises on the woman's legs.

Apartment building surveillance images showed Cooper about 5 feet behind the woman as she got on an elevator in the lobby. Video also showed the two exiting the elevator on her floor. Cooper told police the sexual encounter was consensual.