A woman pushed a stroller carrying her infant down a flight of stairs at a Minneapolis light rail station Tuesday during an argument with her boyfriend, police said.

The baby boy survived with injuries that were not life-threatening, including scrapes to his cheek, thigh and scalp.

"You already got a 12- and 14-year old you don't give a [expletive] about, and now you don't give a [expletive] about this one!" Lisa Marie Martin, 26, of Minneapolis, yelled, according to charges. "I'm gonna push this one down the steps. I'm pregnant again!" She then pushed the stroller down stairs at the Lake Street station, authorities alleged.

Martin was jailed and charged Thursday in Hennepin County District Court with gross endangerment of a child and neglect of child, both gross misdemeanors.

She also faces a felony charge of fourth-degree assault for allegedly spitting at a police officer and a misdemeanor domestic assault charge for allegedly punching her boyfriend, identified in court papers only as D.C.D., in the face and head.

According to the criminal complaint, investigators have video evidence of the following:

Martin and D.C.D. argued as he walked up the stairs to the top of the light-rail station, which sits on a bridge spanning Lake Street near Hiawatha Avenue. Martin followed D.C.D. up the stairs, carrying the stroller. D.C.D. then started back down the stairway, telling police later that he was trying to walk away from Martin. She then pushed the stroller down the stairs toward D.C.D., but before it reached him, it tipped over.

The baby fell out of the stroller and onto the steps. Martin then ran to D.C.D. and punched him as a bystander picked up the baby.

When police arrived, D.C.D. was holding the infant and handed him to police.

Martin told police during her arrest that she was two months pregnant. She said she had drunk at least five beers before the incident.

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