By Baird Helgeson

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann called her health care rally in Washington, D.C., the "Super Bowl of Freedom." 

The campaign staff for Maureen Reed, a Bachmann challenger, called it the "Super Bowl of Spin." 

Reed's campaign said Bachmann held the rally to support health care interests that have given more than $206,000 to her campaigns over the years. They said Minnesota's 6th District representative is good at stirring rancor, but hasn't offered any solutions to the health care debate.

"Bachmann claims her rally is to remind Congress of the town hall meetings over the summer, but those meetings were orchestrated by insurance companies opposed to meaningful reform from the start," said Jason Isaacson, Reed’s campaign manager. "Michele Bachmann shouldn’t be defending her political contributors who have reaped billion dollar profits last quarter - she should be focused on helping the hard working families and small businesses of Minnesota’s 6th District that need health care reform now.”


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