Minneapolis will learn Wednesday whether it will have its big-event winning streak extended to three years. Super Bowl, 2018: booked. Final Four, 2019: booked. College Football Playoff National Championship game, 2020? We’ll find out Wednesday afternoon, when the winner of the six-city race is revealed.

The College Football Playoff will announce where it’s taking its title game for 2018, 2019 and 2020; heavily booked Minneapolis only submitted a bid for 2020.

The game would take place in U.S. Bank Stadium, which is about 10 months from completion. Competing against Minneapolis for 2020: Charlotte, N.C.; Houston; the Bay Area; New Orleans and San Antonio.

Gov. Mark Dayton submitted the bid, which comes with an $8 million to $12 million fundraising effort, in May.

“We bid for these super-sensational events because they provide jobs, because they bring people from all over the country, in fact all over the world, to the stadium to tout the virtues of living in Minneapolis, even in January,” Dayton said then. “I’m very optimistic that we can make a competitive bid.”

The Super Bowl will be held on Feb. 4, 2018, and men’s college basketball’s Final Four comes to the stadium about 14 months later.

Hosting college football’s title game is expected to have a major economic impact on the city — there isn’t yet an estimate for Minnesota, but the Dallas-area organizers of the College Football Playoff predicted an overall impact of more than $300 million for last year’s inaugural playoff championship.