The worst April for baseball weather in decades is nearly over, but AL Central teams will be feeling the effects well into the season. A look at the newly scrambled schedules:


Indians: They avoided much of the worst by opening the season with a week on the West Coast but still were rained out of a pair of home games against Toronto last weekend. An off day will be sacrificed May 3 to make up both games, but the April effect is light.


Royals: As if two home games and another in Detroit being postponed by weather wasn’t bad enough, the Royals actually endured a postponement inside a dome, too, when falling ice damaged the Rogers Centre’s roof. The result: Three staff-scrambling doubleheaders in 12 days, and a travel day turned into a one-game homestand in June.


Tigers: Sentenced to nothing but outdoor games, none south of Pittsburgh, for the first four weeks, they’ve had nothing but cold and plenty of disruption: Only four of their first nine home games were played as originally scheduled. Detroit already has played two home doubleheaders, with another set for June.


White Sox: Though the Cubs have already been idled by snow or rain five times, the White Sox somehow have managed to avoid a single postponement in Chicago. On the road, though? A 20-degree day in Kansas City and three days of Minneapolis blizzard mean they have makeups scheduled in four different months already.