In former Gov. Tim Pawlenty's litany of one-liners at the Republican Nation Convention this week, he title-dropped celeb chef (and Minnesota resident) Andrew Zimmern.

On his blog and on YouTube, Zimmern said he was not so thrilled with the mention.

During his pre-primetime speech Wednesday, Pawlenty mocked President Obama saying: "The president takes more vacations than that guy on the Bizarre Foods show."

On his blog, Zimmern, of Bizarre Foods fame,  said the mention was just not accurate.

"I loved the shout out. It would have been nice if you mentioned my name since we have known each other pretty well for a dozen or so years, but I understand you’re being respectful and not making it personal. I do. And while we don’t agree on the issues, and are from very different sides of the aisle, the last thing I want to do is add to the acrimony. But where are you getting your facts?" he wrote. "I think I had 4 in August and only have 2 or 3 days off in September. ...The President doesn’t need me to remind the world that he never takes a day off."

He ends the post with a bit of snark of his own: "Thanks though for keeping the Minnesota love flowing and for putting me in such great company."

Zimmern underscored the point in a video.





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