A Twin Cities man who slipped free of his supervised release that was part of his sentence for killing his little girl is back in custody.

Beauford C. Jackson III, 29, was apprehended Tuesday night in Fort Worth, Texas, the state where he was allowed to live during his supervision under an interstate compact, said Minnesota Department of Corrections spokeswoman Sarah Fitzgerald.

Jackson had been considered a fugitive since Feb. 8, when he failed to report to his probation agent.

Jackson, of St. Paul, was charged in February 2007 with second-degree murder, pleaded guilty that summer and was sentenced to a 13 ¾-year term for the killing of 15-month-old Destiny Jackson. He was imprisoned until May 2016, then went on supervised release and was living in Fort Worth.

Destiny had been returned to her teenage parents, Maeve Clifford and Jackson, two weeks before she was beaten to death.