I figure there are enough cats on the internet, and people who need lots of cats know where they can go. So this isn’t really a cat post. More of an album art post. So:










Here is the tumblr devoted to classic album covers that replace people with cats. Okay! Great. I went poking through my own collection of album covers, looking for something that might fit the genre. I have no idea why I have this:





Or this.





The last one is from lpcover.com, where you can waste an hour every day and never get to the bottom.


HMMMM Didn’t Marty McFly’s parents eventually realize that their son looked a lot like that “Calvin Klein” kid who came into their lives, changed them for good, then left forever? Some theories about that, here.


RANT This man, he speaks for me: The Evils of Reclining Airplane Seats.


THE WORLD Time-lapse video of Saigon, aka Ho Chi Mihn City. Interesting, if you like to see cities fade into night and turn into a river of taillights and signage. Be warned: preceded by an ad for Windows 8 that’s 30 seconds long and cannot be skipped. This is how I feel when the ads cannot be skipped.





If you give me an option to skip the ad, I am grateful, and half the time the gratitude might result in actual attention paid to the ad. However: if the ad starts out with a woman talking to the camera and the color scheme is blue and the music suggests this is a health plan ad, or it’s a grey-haired guy who’s never the less vigorous, and I think this is leading up to asking my doctor whether Blovartis is right for me, I’m gone.

It’s a hard genre and a tough sale. Right now web video ads look like TV ads, just as early TV ads looked like filmed radio ads. This will change. Into what, I’ve no idea.


WEB Well, this is meta:

"Finnish copyright lobby TTVK Ry launched an anti-piracy website: The site closely resembles The Pirate Bay, and if you take a closer look, you'll notice that CSS has been directly copied from thepiratebay.se, complete with the original site name in comments Of course, one interesting question is: how on Earth did they manage to pirate The Pirate Bay content, considering that they managed to get court orders for major ISPs to censor access to The Pirate Bay?"

The beauty of it all: Pirate Bay, of course, is suing the Finnish lobby for copyright infringement. Millions on internet are saying yay Pirate Bay you show ‘em, because they either hate copyright in general, hate specific provisions, or don’t want to pay for something if they can get it for free. But I don’t know why someone can’t just mirror PIrate Bay and make a few dollars off it. Why not? What’s the objection? That they spent their own money to build it? Please. They’ve probably made enough.


HOTH UPDATE The battle on the Ice Planet of Hoth is getting attention these days, thanks to this ultranerd critique of the Imperial strategy. I wrote about this years ago, somewhere. Cool as the movie was when it came out, when you thought about it later, the idea of dropping enormous, slow, top-heavy walking machines on ice seems quite stupid - especially when you’ve developed planet-killing laser tech. Vader might not have had a Death Star at his disposal, but surely they had some half-power prototypes around. You don’t have to blow up the planet to ruin everyone’s day. Blowing up half would do. Anyway:

Think you’re a Star Wars fan? You’ve got nothing on Barry. Barry turned one of his rooms, the entire room, into a 140 square-foot recreation of the Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back. From AT-ATs and Snowtroopers, to Snow Speeders and explosions; it’s all there in painstaking detail.


I mean, yeah, it's fine and dandy and cute but "pain staking detail"? To be fair, from what I can see most of the models are just the toys stuck on some polystyrene and cardboard, not exactly an overwhelming achievement.

You be the judge.



If that’s too literal for you, it’s available in Minecraft flavor as well.




SCIENCE! While I would prefer for the universe to have sufficient mass to collapse again into one infinitely dense hot blob, then blow up again, you can’t have everything. Reuters says the universe may end because -

Well, I don’t know. I can’t tell from the article.

Physicists last year announced they had discovered what appears to be a long-sought subatomic particle called the Higgs boson, which is believed to give matter its mass.

 Work to study the Higgs' related particles, necessary for confirmation, is ongoing.

 If confirmed, the discovery would help resolve a key puzzle about how the universe came into existence some 13.7 billion years ago - and perhaps how it will end.

 "This calculation tells you that many tens of billions of years from now, there'll be a catastrophe," Lykken says.

 "A little bubble of what you might think of as an 'alternative' universe will appear somewhere and then it will expand out and destroy us," says Lykken, adding that the event will unfold at the speed of light.

Why? We’ll have to wait for that. But if this one of those multiverse theories, then a hole gets ripped in our space and something else spills in. Or perhaps the appearance of the ‘Alternate’ universe is just their big bang, and if we get erased its only fair, since we totallydrove over someone else’s universe when ours was created.

If that’s true, and the creation of every universe eliminates the former occupant, then the entirely of space is the equivalent of those Haunted Indian Burial Grounds that were always beneath a house or shopping mall in 80s horror movies.


LE FIN That guy at the top on the French album? Pierre Repp? His bit was telling stories, not being able to come up with the right word, and substituting it for another. He did this bit for decades.



He could have done it in his sleep. He was probably doing the bit for three years after he died in 1986.