Mike Russo and I are sitting at center ice (why would they give us these seats instead of selling them for $1 million apiece to crazed Canadians?) waiting for USA-Finland.

It's funny, most Olympic writers love the veneer of amateurism (which is bogus, anyone who's an athlete who isn't making money isn't making money either because they picked the wrong sport or aren't good enough) but I love to see professionals playing with more passion for their country than they do for a paycheck.

Finland always overachieves in the Olympic tournament, and I think it's because they're such a tough-minded, cohesive group. Teemu Selanne is one of the best guys you'll meet in hockey.

Finland is difficult to play against, but the Americans have more depth of talent. If Ryan Miller plays well again, and he's been brilliant so far, I see the US winning a close one.

-As for the US women, let's not pretend the silver medal is meaningful. It was a two-team hockey tournament, and the US finished second. The US spent four years trying to figure out how to beat Canada, and then didn't score a goal, and played without poise or intelligence the entire third period. Sorry, this was a failure.

-I covered figure skating last night (I am not making this up) and while the sport doesn't do much for me, Kim Yu-Na is very impressive. For a 19-year-old to handle that much pressure with that much grace is impressive.

I thought the judges gave Joannie Rochette of Canada the bronze because of sentimentalism. Rochette's mother died earlier this week. I thought America's Mirai Nagasu deserved the bronze, but she wasn't going to win that judgement call on that night.

-USA-Finland just started. Why does every Finnish name look like a bad Scrabble hand?

Wow, worst play I've seen a goalie make in a long time. Mikka Kiprusoff just fanned on his outlet pass, gave it right to Ryan Malone for an empty-net goal. Former Gopher Phil Kessel pressured Kiprusoff, but it was really just a goalie mistake.

Remember, Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom has a shutout in his only start here, and Kiprusoff insisted on being the No. 1 goalie or he woudln't show. You better be good when you put yourself on the line like that.

-Russo and I will do a video later today, should be up by tonight or tomorrow.

-If I get my work done in time, I'll be on KSTP Am-1500 with Joe Anderson at 6:05 Twin Cities time. I'll be on the station next Monday at 8:05 Twin Cities time to wrap up the Olympics.

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