Cargill has poured another $100 million into Russia, this time into its sweetener and starches facility.

The money covers an upgrade of the plant’s wheat processing operation, adding state-of-the-art technology.

The agribusiness giant announced the investment Thursday, which will be at its sprawling complex in Efremov, 200 miles south of Moscow.  In Efremov, Cargill makes everything from vegetable oil to brewers malt to animal feed.

Minnetonka-based Cargill is one of the largest foreign investors in Russia’s agribusiness sector, with over $1 billion sunk into the country. Cargill established a beachhead in Russia in the early 1990s, soon after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Last fall, Cargill said it had begun building a $200 million sunflower oil crushing plant in southern Russia. And earlier in 2013, it opened a $40 million chicken processing plant in Efremov, which pumps out McNuggets for McDonalds’s in Russia.

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