Barkhad Abdi. Photo: AP

Barkhad Abdi. Photo: AP

Barkhad Abdi will test his comedy chops in Judd Apatow’s next directorial effort, “Trainwreck,” according to the entertainment trade magazine Variety.

Amy Schumer, who wrote the script will play the lead role. Plot details are scarce, but according to the website Slashfilm, it concerns "a basket case (Schumer) trying to regain control of her life. Other key characters in the film include the woman's boyfriend, her best friend/co-worker, and her parent."

His “Trainwreck” part is Abdi’s first major role since earning an Oscar nomination for “Captain Phillips,” where he played young Somali hijacker Muse. His performance in the film won the BAFTA best supporting actor award.

If the rest of the desired cast signs on, this could have of the oddest ensembles in years. Among those eyeing roles are Tilda Swinton, pro wrestler John Cena, standup comedian Mike Birbiglia and Bill Hader. Let’s hope Abdi ends up as the romantic foil for Swinton. That would be very Apatowian.


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