A woman whose boyfriend was charged in connection with a Rosemount Dairy Queen robbery in September has now been charged as well.

Kerri N. Bean, 23, of Cannon Falls, Minn., is charged with robbery and terroristic threats.

A man burst into the restaurant Sept. 20, claiming that he would set off a bomb if he didn't get cash.

Others were forcing him to commit the robbery, the robber told employees, and they should give him three minutes to get away before calling police.

Charges in Dakota County say the man was Kyle A. Milhaupt and Bean was waiting outside.

When police caught the couple, they claimed strangers had pulled up behind his car at a stoplight, jumped into the car, punched them repeatedly and threatened them with knives and guns to make them rob the DQ, court papers say.

Police found inconsistencies in their stories, and Bean admitted the carjacking was a hoax, according to court documents.

Milhaupt had hidden the money outdoors, police said. A thunderstorm passed through, blowing the cash all over a residential area. Police recovered $871 out of $1,048 stolen.