It might not exactly be a January thaw, but for at least a day thermometers across most of the state will register positive numbers on Tuesday.

In the metro area high temperatures might reach the low teens, something that has not happened since the mercury registered 11 degrees above zero on Dec. 28.

But the slight warmup will come with a price: snow during the evening commute followed by another shot of bitter cold, the National Weather Service said.

It sure didn’t feel warmer early Tuesday morning as the metro area once again saw temperatures in the double digits below zero. Windchills were even lower with readings in the bone chilling minus 25-degree range.

“To avoid frostbite, dress in layers and cover exposed skin. Bring warm clothes with you when you’re traveling in case you have car troubles,” the weather service warned.

Drivers on I-694 in the north metro had plenty of troubles during the morning rush. Conditions were just right for black ice to form, and several motorists found it. Between 5:30 and 6 a.m., a handful of crashes on westbound I-694 between University Avenue and Hwy. 252 snarled traffic. Other trouble spots included a number of wrecks and spin outs on Hwy. 169 near Ferry Street in Anoka and more on Hwy. 169 in Hopkins, Minnesota Department of Transportation traffic cameras showed.

By afternoon, light snow will move across the state as warm air filters in during the day, with the snow arriving in the Twin Cities just in time for the drive home. Amounts will be less than an inch, but it could be enough to make roads slick, the weather service said.

Behind the snow, the temperature will tumble back below zero Tuesday night and to minus 10 to minus 15 degrees on Wednesday night. Highs Wednesday through Friday will remain in the single digits above zero, and “there’s hope for a weekend warm up,” the weather service said.

We’ll lose the sunny skies, but temperatures may reach 25 degrees on Sunday.