Wide receiver Greg Camarillo was on the field for only a handful of plays in the Vikings 14-9 loss to the New Orleans Saints last Thursday. He hopes to get a lot more playing time Sunday against his former team, the Miami Dolphins.

"I want to get out there this week more than any week," Camarillo said. "I'll do whatever I can in practice to give them confidence to put me on the field."

Camarillo became a popular figure in Miami as a member of the Dolphins. He caught 50 or more passes the past two seasons and was a fan favorite. He said it was tough leaving, but he is excited to face his friends and former teammates.

"What more could you ask for?" he said. "From the minute I got traded, I've been thinking about this. It's Week 2. It's so early, it's great. Last week how the whole team felt about the Saints and wanting to get their second swing at them, that's how I feel about the Dolphins. It's all my friends. No ill will toward the team, but I want to come out there and kick their tail."

Camarillo admits he's still adjusting to the offense after arriving in a trade during the preseason. He had one catch for 29 yards against the Saints.

Camarillo said he feels more comfortable with the offense by the day. He is primarily a slot receiver but he is getting reps at different spots. He said he wasn't completely surprised that he didn't get much playing time in the season opener, even though the Vikings have only four wide receivers.

"In the preseason, you can pick up the offense real easy because it's just vanilla, basic offense," he said. "Once you start getting into the season, you start getting more complex. That made it a little more difficult. I didn't do as well in practice. I didn't know what to expect going into the game but it wasn't unexpected."

Camarillo said the fact that he knows the Dolphins defense and personnel so well should be an advantage.

"I had a million reps against each one of them," he said. "They'll say the same for me. They don't need to study tape of me. They know exactly what I'm going to do and I know exactly what they're going to do. It's just friends playing football. If you can't get hyped for that, I don't know what you get hyped for."



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