We wrote for Monday's Page 2 comparing candidates for Twins' offensive MVP -- Josh Willingham and Joe Mauer. Much of it was based on traditional stats such as RBIs vs. things like WAR, etc. As it turns out, a caller didn't appreciate our metrics. Now that we are back in the office for a couple of days, allow us to share the verbatim sentiments from Caller X:



I am just calling regarding this 'Old school stats and new world numbers.' I don't know how you can compare the seasons of Willingham and Mauer. There's no comparison. Willingham blew him away this year. When you figure out how many games Willingham won for the Twins compared to Mauer, there's no comparison. You can get 20 singles in a game and not score a run. Willingham can hit you one home run and you can win. Where are you getting these stupid stats? I can't believe it. You must be smoking something.

Best voicemail ever? Best voicemail ever.

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