While toying with the idea of owning a cabin, I have painted many getaways as an artist. Undecided on the most desirable location, my cabin sites are as varied as my imagination. Cozy cabins tucked into snowdrifts appear on hilltops, in deep forests and clustered around frozen lakes as they come to life on my canvas.

Wander around my real home and you will see cabin paintings ranging in size from large and heavily framed to greeting card illustrations.

While canvas measurements vary a lot, all cabins depicted are small, stirring the onlooker with thoughts of a simpler, possibly more meaningful way of life.

Slow and inevitable change has made the cabins comfortably weatherworn.

Their rooftops and smoking chimneys greet wide winter skies etched with pine trees.

Whether made of lumber and nails or canvas and paint, winter cabins have an aura of warmth and wisdom. They will us to be patient with winter and life. Small cabins, big thoughts!

Vicky Hubbell, ST. BONIFACIUS