In a manner of speaking, Jenn Sterger apologized to Brett Favre's family, if not the future NFL Hall of Famer, even though she has received no such expression of regret from him.

In an interview aired Tuesday on "Good Morning America" with George Stephanopoulos, Sterger broke her silence in the texting, telephoning, sexting scandal that tarnished Favre's exit from the Vikings and the NFL after a 20-year career. The interview continues Tuesday on "Nightline" and Wednesday morning on "GMA."

Sterger told Stephanopoulos she owes nobody an apology because she did nothing wrong.

"I don't really care if he gives me one or not," she said when asked whether Favre should tell her he's sorry. "If I owe anyone an apology, I feel bad that my parents; I'm sorry, that they had to go through this. I'm sorry that families involved had to go through this. That's it. Those are the only people that deserve to be apologized to."

That implies that in addition to her parents she is apologizing to Favre's wife and kids. Favre should probably begin every day with an apology and good morning to his wife, a breast cancer survivor.

Sterger said that as far as she is concerned she dealt with the matter in 2008 by essentially ignoring Favre's advances while he was with the Jets. She said he was like the guy in the bar who was not taking no for answer even though the former model and dead ringer for Mrs. Favre used e-mail to stave off the QB's advances -- from texting to phone calls to a photo of some male's private parts.

Favre admitted to NFL investigators that he telephoned Sterger but denied sending the graphic text photo. He was fined $50,000 for failing to cooperate with the investigation, which Stephanopoulos said concluded that Sterger did nothing wrong.

Sterger is upset that she is still dealing with fallout from the matter that didn't involve her being introduced to Favre.

It sounds like somebody advised her that the only way to get beyond this matter was to give an interview, even though she did nothing wrong and claims to have never officially met Favre, having never been any closer to him than she was to Stephanopoulos during their interview. She said she's never been closer to Favre than they were when passing through the Jets tunnel.

Sterger said she never gave Favre her number and never gave Deadspin permission to publish her story. She did admit to sharing details of the situation with friends.

Deadspin has reported that since this scandal Favre has been sending text messages to friends, with biblical quotes at the bottom.

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