Word has it that Andy Cohen didn't behave as if he saw anything at the Metropolitan that made him think he should rush the "Real Housewives of the Twin Cities" into production.

Bravo network's senior veep of original programming, the man behind the "Real Housewives" franchise, was guest speaker Saturday at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation's Young Leadership event. He reportedly had the crowd rolling with laughter, talking about how innately allergic he was to summer camp, a subject that may or may not be part of his upcoming book, "Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture."

As you might imagine, in every city where Cohen makes an appearance, he's besieged by women who think they are "Real Housewives" material. He is immune to the kind exuberance I'm told was on display by some here on Saturday. So chill, ladies, because that show's probably not going to happen here, at least not on Bravo.

Ego trips aplenty

"Most handsome TV guy," called out one of the women outside the Metropolitan as Andy Cohen exited his SUV limo. He responded, "That's me."

Cohen was just playing along, but Lord, he was telling the truth. Cohen's walk is a study of the sexy, halting gait, as you can see on my startribune.com/video.

"He's just the coolest guy," said Melinda Jacobs, the entertainment, radio and TV personality at melindajacobs.com and emcee of the event. "I told him he needs to come back to the Twin Cities to do a book signing."

Nene Leakes, the breakout star of "Real Housewives of Atlanta," has been taking some flak for an ego that's run amok. Well, she does have a recurring role on "Glee," and her attempts to throw down with Star Jones on "Celebrity Apprentice" were exceedingly entertaining until Nene quit the show.

There is a lot of underlying insecurity going on with Leakes, though. Nene's ego trips have worked the last nerve of talk show host Wendy Williams, who sounds officially tired of Nene being on "Housewives."

So why does Cohen like Leakes so much?

"She's funny," he told me, immediately amending that thought to "She can be funny."

Asked about Williams verbally taking on Leakes, Cohen said Wendy's "ready for [Nene] to leave. That's what Wendy said on the show the other day."

Must-see movie

NBAer Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, started the weekend on a high with a role in the No. 1 weekend movie, "Think Like a Man," that required him to wear a purple T-shirt and matching short basketball shorts, which were derided in a Prince joke from Kevin Hart.

World Peace ended it by elbowing Thunder guard James Harden in a way worthy of a suspension-- despite his known mental health issues and his name change.

The movie based on comedian Steve Harvey's book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man," looked like a huge romantic comedy hit to me Friday, as I wrote on Twitter.

My advice: Go see this movie! I never imagined it would be so well-written and plotted. Although the ending is completely predictable, the jokes along the way are fresh, and Wendy Williams steals the scene in both her cameos.

It's extremely irritating to see attempts to marginalize this hysterically funny film as a black movie. Two white guys are among the six main male characters. I didn't read the book (it looked simple to me, and Steve Harvey's got no business writing a relationship book), and several members of the cast -- Chris Brown, Sherri Shepherd, Romany Malco -- are not people with whom I would prefer to spend time.

But the movie was terrific. I laughed so hard, as did the rest of the audience, I have to see the movie again to hear the funny lines I missed while laughing. This movie raises the bar for Tyler Perry.

Wilf family wedding

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf's daughter got married Sunday (or this coming Sunday -- I'm not sure about the New York Times' style).

Sunday's announcements featured the marriage of Elana Wilf and Brett Tanzman. She is a New York University law student, and he is an assistant counsel to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

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