How charming of Prince to turn up at one of his weekend house parties.

Prince threw open the doors to his Chanhassen stage from 9 p.m. Friday to 2 a.m., charging $30 a pop to attend what were billed as “Paisley Park After Dark” events.

“U Never Know What Might Happen,” read a posting promoting a “DJ Dance Live Music Food Drink.”

The one thing I know most Prince fans want to happen when Prince has an event at Paisley is for him to perform.

Word has it that on Friday he didn’t show.

Probably had something more pressing to do, such as looking in a mirror and watching his Afro grow.

After the DJ, music, etc., wrapped about 12:30 Saturday morning, members of Symbolina’s current pet project, the all-women trio 3rdEyeGirl, came on stage to thank the fans and tell them that the festivities would continue over at a local movie theater. Guests were invited to view either “Noah” or “Divergent.”

OK, all right, cool. The promotional posting never said Prince would be there either night.

But I’m told there was a pretty big Friday crowd anticipating that Prince would perform even though fans, if they’ve been paying attention, know that nothing’s a sure thing with this legend.

On Saturday night there was all the stuff promised plus a 90-minute performance by Prince. He came on stage about 12:30 a.m., I’m told. (His Purpleness is showing signs of getting older. Remember when he’d have shown up and started playing at 2 a.m.?)

My sources recognized only one song, “Funk N Rock,” and they are not positive they heard that. All the music was new to my sources, but they did not care. They saw Prince! He’s an icon, a musical genius.

I’m told that some after-darkers left the no-phones, no-cameras, no-recording devices, no-meat, no-alcohol venue to reportedly get a drink at a nearby establishment.

They were told that when they returned they would have to pay $30 for re-entry. They reportedly did so gladly.

Bryant McKinnie’s pic with Paris

Former Viking and still NFL bad boy Bryant McKinnie tweeted a photo with Paris Hilton.

“Now look who I ran into … the lovely @parishilton,” Twitter’s @BryantMcKinnie wrote last week.

He doesn’t say where they are. Looks like his favorite environment: a nightclub. McKinnie has his left arm around Hilton, while he flashes the sideways “Peace” sign with his right hand. She’s wearing big, dark glasses and leaning into the current Dolphins tackle, who left the Vikings for the Ravens, whom he left with a Super Bowl ring.

For McKinnie, Hilton is definitely a step up, in my opinion, from, ah, entertainer Deelishis.

When McKinnie was with the Vikings, in 2008, I asked with whom he was having his current imaginary relationship. “Deelishis from ‘Flavor of Love,’ ” he told me. If you follow McKinnie on Twitter, you know that Deelishis still pops up in Bryant’s life from time to time.

Shouldn’t be long before McKinnie’s talking about an imaginary friendship with Hilton.

Andrew holds off on the phone

Former Hennepin County Commish Mark Andrew was looking much more like himself and not talking on his cellphone when I recently ran into him in downtown Minneapolis.

In December, Andrew was at the Mall of America shopping for a leather-bound appointment book cover when his iPhone was snatched off a table where he was sitting. Andrew gave chase and was left with abrasions and cuts that required nine stitches. A man working with two female accomplices, who beat Andrew with a metal baton and threatened death, were arrested in connection with the attack.

Andrew has wisely become “more paranoid” about his public cellphone use. He quipped: “I told my wife this was my punishment for being at Mall of America.”


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