Chef Robin Rosenberg doesn't believe the rumor about Dwayne Wade "dating" Star Jones.

The chef de cuisine of Chicago-based Levy Restaurants, Rosenberg was in the Twin Cities last week overseeing a party that restaurant concepts savant Steve Schussler was throwing for Disney execs. Rosenberg is in charge of food at some new Schussler Creative concepts.

Rosenberg, who said he is the chef of the U.S. Olympic basketball team, told me he was in charge of all the VIP suites at the finish line of the Kentucky Derby.

"Dwayne Wade," replied Rosenberg incredulously. His tone suggested he really was not at all buying this the gossip involving Jones, who is getting a divorce from Al Reynolds, a man she one described as having the -- whinny here -- legs of a stallion. "I know his wife," said Rosenberg, who believes Wade is still with his high school sweetheart. "She wears a jacket that says 'Wade's Wifey' to every game. Really nice [woman]. He was alone at the Derby. He was with a bunch of his friends. He was with Randy Moss . . . Tom Brady."

Rosenberg asked me why Moss behaves rudely and brusquely. Did I have stories from Randy's Vikings days for Robin! And this: a) that boy seems touched and b) he revels in showcasing his rough edges.

I could not reach Rosenberg this morning to find out whether he spotted Moss publicly living up to his first name with a woman whom claims is Miss Kentucky.

TMZ has posted images of, it says, Miss Kentucky and Moss in a crowded setting, reportedly a Derby party, engaged in degrading just-get-a-room dance floor behavior. "But the chick bending over and taking a hike isn't just some random skeezer," writes, " -- that's Miss Kentucky USA he's playin' with!"

Image is a concern to Donald Trump's beauty pageant, and this imagery is not good.

According to, Miss Kentucky, Alysha Harris, is under, ah, "scrutiny for some racy photos" with Moss. Not "the first Miss Kentucky to give the pageant problems," write, noting Tara Conner, Miss Kentucky 2006, had her own sexually charged controversy.

"The pageant has yet to respond to these photos ... [of Moss and Harris]," said

A response from the mother of, at last count, Moss's four kids would also be worth hearing, although he's already shown no respect for her by never getting hitched.

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