The Facebook tease that has been Eric Kahnert’s exit from KSTP-TV is finally over: He’s returning to Denver for a main anchor job.

“Did you know that dashing, super-hunky KSTP anchor Eric Kahnert keeps leaving teasers on his Facebook page alluding to the possibility that he might be moving away to take an anchor job elsewhere?” read an e-mail on May 2 from a Mark Gratski.

“Where is Eric Kahnert going? His house has sold and he is leaving hints on Facebook,” wrote an Allan Johnson, on May 5.

One of his teases said, “We are pumped for job in M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.” As in Mile High City.

I have to write teasers for my job. Crafting teasers about my next job? That requires one of those TV anchor egos.

When I asked Kahnert, via e-mail, what was up last week, he said, “I’ll send you the release when it’s complete.”

On Wednesday Denver’s 7News, KMGH-TV, announced Kahnert’s addition to the anchor team.

KSTP news director Lindsay Radford laughed Tuesday when I asked if she was monitoring Eric’s exciting Facebook teases. She’s busier than that. But she had time to explain.

“Eric has accepted the main anchor job at KMGH, the ABC affiliate, in Denver. They have a longtime guy there who’s retiring. Eric will take his seat. His last day with us will be June 1,” Radford. said “Eric came to us from KUSA so this is a return to Denver for him. We liked him. It was one of those things where we can’t match that opportunity, right now. It’s hard to hold somebody back from that.” Kahnert has been at KSTP “close to two years,” she said.


Sattin can stay, but will he?

Anchor Brad Sattin no longer has to hurry up and find a job outside of KSTP, although he’s reportedly doing so.

In November I wrote that Sattin and meteorologist Patrick Hammer had been given six months to find other jobs, as the station revamped its morning show.

Hammer left (call me, Pat, when you have news) but Sattin is still there. Since I had Radford on the line, I decided to ask …

“We love him,” Lindsay Radford said.

“We would not keep him on as a full-time morning anchor. We would keep him on as a reporter and fill-in anchor,” she said. “He has a job here as long as he wants to stay. He’s very talented. We’d love to keep him. … But if he’s not a full-time anchor, Brad really wants to consider getting closer to his parents, back East. We’re just working with him during this time where he is looking.”


McDonough grateful, loyal

Beth McDonough was cute when she was recently offered a new KSTP-TV contract.

“She said, May I have an even longer contract?” laughed Lindsay Radford. “We offered her a three-year.”

When asked whether KSTP thinks twice about sending McDonough out on alcohol-related stories after her 2007 and 2008 drunken-driving arrests, Radford said: “Here’s my thought. People make mistakes. She’s paid the price for her mistakes. If we don’t give people a chance to redeem themselves, then what kind of society are we? I can’t say I’m perfect. … Hubbard Broadcasting believes in giving people second chances. Jay Kolls is an another example of someone we took a chance on. He’s been outstanding. Beth is doing great. She’s a hard worker, she’s extremely loyal. We love people who have history in the market and are good reporters.”


Hot over weather complaints

In an unscripted verbal smackdown, KSFY-TV news anchor Nancy Naeve gives shallow viewers who complained about weather reports cutting into their precious TV shows a piece of her mind — complete with finger-pointing!

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