Word has it Kris Humphries' New York bachelor pad is now equipped with the ultimate babe repellent: Mom.

Twin Cities sources tell me that the NBA player's mother, Debra Humphries, reportedly moved into Kris' New York place shortly after her divorce became final from his dad, businessman William Humphries. In July she filed for divorce after 30 years of marriage.

I sent a Twitter message to Kris on Wednesday, seeking comment about this rumored new roomie.

Since it's likely that Debra Humphries came away from her marriage with PLENTY of money -- for starters she, William and Kris own Five Guys Burger franchises in outstate Minnesota -- Twin Citians are scratching their heads over why she moved in on her 6-feet-9, baby-faced multimillionaire son. Is mom trying to cramp his style?

While it's possible that Kris is comforting his mother in this sad time of marital transition, made even sadder by the recent death of her dad, some people apparently don't appreciate how much Kris' social life could use some babe repellent.

Let's see, there was the ridiculous STD lawsuit filed against Kris and some John Does by a Los Angeles woman who's apparently not sure where she allegedly got infected. Humphries' lawyer has said Kayla Goldberg didn't get it from Kris.

And did you miss Kris' September "Walk of Shame" captured by TMZ?

"Kris Humphries has been adamant that he never dated Myla Sinanaj," reads TMZ.com. "Myla swore during her deposition in the Kim Kardashian divorce case that she and Kris were just friends. Well, guess which friends apparently spent the night together this week?"

Sinanaj is the babe who caused some excitement in July with a Twitter post that implied she was expecting Kris' baby. A few days later, she clarified that she was not with child. But pregnancy was a possibility since Kris' side confirmed he'd had a fling with Sinanaj.

The great mystery is why Kris would go anywhere near her again.

Think, before you dalliance, MAN! Somebody obviously tipped off TMZ that Kris was creeping around Sinanaj's place because there was a camera waiting to capture video of him arriving at her residence one day, then leaving the next morning. TMZ joked he looked like a burglar, towering over the shrubbery in a hoodie while texting Sinanaj to open the door.

To my way of thinking, the most likely tipster would have been Sinanaj or the pal/pals she told of the planned rendezvous.

Kris hasn't been exactly lonely since Kim Kardashian decided she was finished using him after 72 days of marriage. The one-year anniversary of her Halloween divorce filing is upon us -- as is a settlement, I hear.

So hosting Mama and her home cooking sounds like a smarter move than hanging with Sinanaj.

He will have to be careful around those cookies Debra made on "Good Morning America" in January. Then again, maybe not, because Kris reportedly has his own Minnesota fitness coach living in the Big Apple.

Is Ponder playing now?

Christian Ponder is being linked to an ESPN sideline reporter.

BustedCoverage, which prides itself as the source of "Sports Gossip, Drunk Athletes, Hot Cheerleaders, Football News," has asked this question:

"Is it possible that ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele has been secretly dating Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder right under our nose? A BC tipster mentioned that Steele-Ponder were engaging in hair pulling and high schoolery last night on Twitter. The last we heard from Team Steele she was hanging with Drew Stubbs at the ESPYs in July. A quick investigation reveals that there are some oddities to the Steele-Ponder Twitter exchanges. Why does this all matter? Because men, women and Minneapolis-St. Paul news channels will froth over such news for months."


Now who posted something just because a single man and single woman were flirting on Twitter?

Even if BustedCoverage staffers know about what they post, there'll be no frothing in the Twin Cities.

Futhermore, last time I talked to Ponder, in September, he told me, "Football is my girlfriend."

Until Ponder tells me he's in no longer a "lone wolf," that's what I'm believing with regards to his girlfriend roster moves.

George Pillsbury video

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