Chris Kluwe gave fellow NFLer and gay marriage rights advocate Brendon Ayanbadejo a joke poking fun at political satirist Lizz Winstead.

Winstead loved it.

“That’s the sign of someone comfortable in their own comedy when they can give away good material,” she told me Tuesday. “It means that they know they have an arsenal of material with which to work. That was the most impressive thing of all for me. He tweeted I was funny, too, which was super fun.”

Winstead met Kluwe, a Vikings kicker, and Ayanbadejo, of the Super Bowl-winning Ravens, when they were honored at the fifth annual PFLAG National Straight for Equality Awards in NYC last week. Winstead was the event’s master of ceremonies.

When Winstead was home in Minnesota a few months ago, she expressed a desire to meet Kluwe someday because she likes his politics and his writing style.

Kluwe, a married father of two, rose to prominence as a gay marriage proponent in 2012 after writing a letter that both educated and attacked a Maryland legislator who had criticized Ayanbadejo for his statement supporting gay marriage.

Kluwe’s letter included some naughty language that I maintain was not necessary to make the point. But Winstead has told me I’m wrong.

Winstead said the line Kluwe gave Ayanbadejo was “too dirty” to repeat.

She and I shared more family-friendly humor during our phone call, when Winstead said, “You know Brendon’s last name, right?”

Channeling Fred Flintstone, I answered Abbadabadaba...?

“Exactly,” she said. “He’s a doll.”

The co-creator of “The Daily Show” will celebrate her 30th year in comedy and the paperback release of her book, “Lizz Free or Die,” at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis on May 11. Winstead family members and at least two famous friends are flying in to appear with Lizz.

Vonn comfortable in Tiger spotlight

Lindsey Vonn is apparently not going to shut down every time somebody brings up her famous man-friend’s name.

Vonn, whose presence at the Masters may be as highly anticipated as Tiger Woods’, was as the Vail Celebration of Champions last week when she went on stage and took some questions. She’s fearless.

In a clip I saw on TV, Vonn was saying that she likes to spend time hanging with her family and friends. Someone yelled out, “What about Tiger?” Vonn responded “OK, guys, I play golf.”

Based on how serious and humorless Woods can be — and especially since his statement announcing their dating relationship and asking for “privacy” — I was worried that the Olympic ski champion was going to adopt Tiger’s public facade on such matters.

Not to worry just yet. But fans might not want to test Vonn by yelling out something impertinent like this headline from International Business Times:

“Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Relationship Trouble Already? Allegations Emerge That Woods Is Cheating [with his ex-]”

Jet takes note of Washburn

Jet mag rapped the knuckles of those Washburn High knuckleheads who were apparently never taught about Minnesota’s embarrassing lynching history.

The April 8 issue of the magazine includes a photo of a noose, the headline “Strung Out” and these words:

“Supposedly we’re living in a post-racial society. But there are constant reminders of the opposite being true. On January 11, a black doll hanging from a noose was discovered at Washburn High School in Minneapolis,” said writer Chandler Rollins’ item on page 12.

While I fully support this consciousness-raising item (I’d have put these kids in charge of a month’s worth of Black History programming had I been their principal), I have another bone from the past to pick with Jet.

Editor Mitzi Miller has overseen terrific improvements in content and design at this magazine that came into existence at a time when news of achievements and struggles of blacks were mostly ignored by mainstream media. But Miller has not yet dumped the page featuring a bikini-wearing, airheaded “Beauty” claiming to have lofty, sometimes serious career objectives.

There is no longer a shortage of venues for black women who feel the need to be objectified. Jet should grow up and drop this.

In the company of Wolves

Word is that model Kaela Humphries has been seen out with Timberwolves center Nikola Pekovic.


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