“The big family news is that cousin Vinnie is getting married!” beamed Bob Dehn, an owner of Dehn’s Garden, during one of my recent Minneapolis Farmers Market trips.

With his ever-present, beautifully toothy smile, the husband of co-owner Bonnie Dehn continued to gush about how excited everybody in the family was about cousin Vinnie’s upcoming wedding. I nodded, but this was getting embarrassing, as I think was apparent to the woman standing to my left, who wanted me to wrap it up so she could buy her herbs from Dehn.

It was clear that I was supposed to know cousin Vinnie, although my mind was blank except for thoughts of arugula, basil and purslane. Time to come clean.

Refresh my memory about cousin Vinnie, I said to Bob.

“Vincent. ‘Mad Men,’ ” Dehn said, smiling.

Ah, Vincent Kartheiser. I told Dehn I had written about Kartheiser’s upcoming nuptials to Alexis Bledel.

I asked Dehn if he and Bonnie expected an invitation and he shrugged his shoulders. With cousin Vinnie being a minimalist and such a down-to-earth sort (I interviewed him in August at a fundraiser), I cannot envision one of those overdone Hollywood ceremonies crawling with celebs. But the wedding is just about the bride much of the time, so Kartheiser’s style may not be reflected.

“I’d love to go to Hollywood,” joked Dehn.

If not, Dehn can see his second cousin (Kartheiser’s mom, Janet, is Bob’s first cousin) at the Guthrie this summer in “Pride and Prejudice.”

Now it was Bob’s turn to be confused about what he was hearing. He didn’t know cousin Vinnie is scheduled to play Mr. Darcy starting July 6. Kartheiser, the Children’s Theatre alum, last played the Guthrie as Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol.”

Bob and Bonnie are definitely going to see cousin Vinnie at the Guthrie.

‘Cronuts’ are a hit

Angel Food Bakery’s interpretation of the “cronut” has become so tasty, limitations have been put in place.

“Oh, god yes,” Cynthia Gerdes said Wednesday when asked if she was selling out of the New York-created croissant-doughnut hybrid, with glaze on its 80-plus flaky layers.

The bakery offshoot of the restaurant Hell’s Kitchen introduced its version six days ago on National Donut Day. “It’s the heat of the rush and excitement, so there was a line when we opened this morning [at 6:30 a.m.; weekends they open at 9 a.m.]. But we still had enough until 8:30 or 9 a.m.,” said Gerdes, who owns the business with her chef husband, Mitch Omer.

Angel Food staffers have been making four or five dozen of the pastries daily.

On Tuesday, “We sold out immediately. That’s when we decided we had to put a limit on — two per person,” said Gerdes. “I want to be fair. I’m not trying to play games with somebody having to wait in line and then not get one. And I should explain, the reason they are $4.50 is it’s so labor-intensive. It’s like doubling up on any other item we have to make. A croissant is like 80 layers already.”

On the day Angel Food started selling the sweet, I just happened to send this tweet:

“Mitch at Hell’s Kitchen Minneapolis: Where are the cronuts? And aren’t you charging enough for those glaze doughnuts to glaze both sides?”

Gerdes got a huge chuckle out of that, but she said she had not seen it because they’ve been upside busy.

“I’ll do you a double glaze,” Gerdes said. “You tell me when you’re coming.”

Mrs. Ponder pumps Steele

Twitter’s @samsteeleponder stopped by the new Under Armour Boutique at the Steele Fitness in Edina last week.

The wife of Vikings QB Christian Ponder and an ESPN broadcaster, whose domination of the TV world I am predicting right here, right now, just days after she worked another National Spelling Bee, reportedly bought a workout package at Steele Fitness.

Sam Ponder also took a photo with owner Steele Smiley and trainer Tom Lybeck.


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