Autographs are apparently included during Derek Jeter’s last hurrah.

The Yankees infielder, who has announced that this would be his final season as an MLBer, was adding value to the memorabilia of fans who waited patiently outside the Grand Hotel by signing his name on July 4th. Jeter spent about 50 seconds autographing before popping into his private limo, as opposed to a team bus, for a ride over to the Twins ballpark. (I can’t believe they couldn’t walk this distance without pulling something.) The last time I was at the hotel shooting video of Yankees in 2012, Jeter ignored the horde of corralled fans beckoning for his autograph. Of course, on that day so did A-Rod, Andy Pettitte, Joba Chamberlain and others I didn’t recognize, while another now-former Yankee, Robinson Cano, patiently signed. You know, players often take turns signing autographs and sometimes allow fans to be engrossed in getting signatures from others, so they can sneak by less noticed.

Many thanks to the Yankee security guy, making the consistent fashion statement, for not hassling me as he did in 2012, when I was rousted to a vantage across the street. A clip from that charming encounter is included on my, which does not include all 48 seconds and five frames of footage from the autograph session Jeter supplied.

A second sighting

Lauren Graham of NBC’s “Parenthood” was keeping her head down while following co-star and significant other Peter Krause out of the Grand Hotel.

She was very much talk-to-my-striped-shirt, while Minnesota-born Krause smiled and waved and seemed as cuddly as his plaid shirt. You can see guarded Graham for yourself on a video at that was posted Friday.

The demeanor of Graham, whom one of my colleagues described as enjoying a nicey-nice persona, piqued my curiosity. So over the weekend I called my pal who writes janetcharltons­ to gain an insight into Graham’s personality.

“When I write about her, I’m always surprised by how many fans she has,” Charlton said of Graham. “I don’t think she is known for being warm and cozy. She’s a little standoffish.”

Maybe Graham had a headache. Maybe she likes to talk to people only on her level. If you captured a photo of Graham being cordial to someone who isn’t famous in Hollywood, shoot me an e-mail, please.

July 4th heats up

Larry Fitzgerald Sr., sports columnist and dad of famed footballer Larry Fitzgerald Jr., went off on something of a history-related July 4th Twitter tear over our third U.S. president.

Thomas Jefferson America forefather did he ever consider black people to be equal?” asked the elder Fitz, continuing with: “Known racist rapist Declaration of Independence. Burn it!”

Wow! Fitz was quite a bit kinder in a tweet about Beyoncé, with whom he appears to have taken a photo. “Jay-Z & Beyoncé great song. I’m the Bad Guy on the left. Holla!”

I’m guessing that Jr. arranged for Sr., a widower since the lovely Carol died, to meet Beyoncé.

I sent Big Fitz a tweet seeking a comment regarding his Jefferson rage, but after reading his referencing himself as a “Bad Guy” — I think that’s bad as in cool — and using “Holla!” I can’t help but suspect Big Fitz is not doing his own postings.


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