Bravo's Andy Cohen has apparently not kissed his last girl.

At the Mall of America Monday to meet fans wanting a photo and autographed copy of his memoir "Most Talkative," the Bravo exec behind "The Real Housewives" franchise informed me that he considers his osculating skills top notch. A few months ago he kissed a woman because ... oh, you'll just have to read this interview or watch my The innuendo surrounding that kissing is racy, but there was no randy reason for the minor wardrobe change between my interview with Cohen and his arrival to meet his fans. He changed into a University of Minnesota T-shirt that was a gift from someone at a meet-and-greet. "Go Gophers! Go Gophers!" Cohen said to the crowd, which didn't respond with any rah-rah. "Is that right?" Cohen asked the crowd. It's unclear whether the audience lacked Minnesota fans (a possibility since the MOA draws shoppers from beyond our borders) or if the problem is that we don't have lots to be proud of sports-wise. And we're apparently not going to have any "Real Minnesota Housewives" to cheer on either. Cohen told the MOA crowd that he's not planning on adding to the network's franchise.

Q That Teresa Giudice, of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," shoved you on your weeknight show "Watch What Happens Live." You described this behavior by the famous table flipper as emotional rather than violent on a CNN interview. Do you ever see any obnoxious behavior on your "Housewives" shows?

A Certainly. Absolutely. I see obnoxious behavior constantly.

Q Do you enjoy seeing the "Real Housewives" humbled as much as the viewers do?

A You know, I enjoy seeing the twists and turns that happen in the galaxy of "The Housewives."

Q Who's your favorite guest bartender on "Watch What Happens Live"?

A Robin Byrd, an icon of Manhattan cable basically. She is a woman who hosted a show forever on Manhattan cable where she had strippers coming on stripping down to nothing. She is an unlikely host of that show, and she was on when I had Clay Aiken and Jenna Jameson on, and it was crazy.

Q Why did you allow Regina King and Jackee Harry to get so lit on your show?

A I didn't realize they were as lit as they were until they walked into the studio and I was like, "Oh my God, this is going to be a disaster." As it turns out it was a very talked-about episode. We're talking about it today.

Q When you were here in April for the Jewish Federation's Young Leadership gala, did any of the local women who think they are "Real Housewives of Minnesota" material get a little out of hand?

A There were some hyper women at that event. I have to say they were really auditioning. Yes, they were auditioning.

Q You want Michelle Obama to come on your TV show. If you wear this polo I'm giving you with my painting of the first lady on it, I believe that is as close as you'll come to getting her on your TV show.

A [Laughter] I think you could be right, but a boy can dream, right?

Q How many girls did you kiss before you realized this probably was not for you?

A I talk about this in my book. I always knew that I wanted to kiss a boy. I did kiss many girls to get to the point where I kissed a boy. I was waiting for the boy, basically.

Q So you don't have a ballpark recollection?

A How many girls have I kissed? By the way, I do love kissing, girls. I love kissing, period. I'm a very good kisser. If I meet a girl who will kiss me, I'll kiss them today. I had a good make-out with a girl a few months ago.

Q Really? What was that about since we know that's not what's most interesting to you?

A You know what. It was late in the evening and I had something I wanted to give her.

OK, I said as Cohen just smiled.

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