Restaurant owner Vincent is adding an exciting new menu item to his life.

A friend told me Vincent Francoual is over the moon about the baby his girlfriend Brenda Maurseth is scheduled to deliver around Oct. 19.

Chef sounded pretty giddy Wednesday, although he was preoccupied with the first meeting of a Minneapolis school district advisory council that is promoting healthy eating and school lunches.

You care more about what school kids eat "when you have a baby coming," said Vincent. "I am, I am, very excited about it. We're excited," Vincent said. "We're not going to know if it's a girl or a boy until the birth date. My first child."

Vincent said he's not getting the baby's room ready. "Too busy at the restaurant. Brenda is in charge of that. I'm kind of laid back about it. She's the one who will be deciding all the colors and everything.

"Welcome to late fatherhood, you know," said Vincent. "I'm 45, so it's now or never, I guess."

A new baby means fewer Ironman competitions. "That's it. I'm going to do my last half Ironman in three weeks in Kansas and I'm afraid my career as an Ironman is OVER. I'm so afraid. Men gain weight when they become fathers, so I'm going to have to find a way to stay in shape."

When asked if he would prepare the baby's food, Vincent said "Yes, yes. Homemade. When [he or she] can eat real food, the first meal will be beef tongue and escargot."

School duty

There are duties that must be executed when you spend the night at Tiger Woods' lair.

"In her wildest dreams four years ago, did Elin Nordegren ever think that her kids would be driven to school by Lindsey Vonn? (She's done it solo as well)," reads The website,, includes a photo of one such school day in Palm Beach, Fla.

But did Vonn make the kids breakfast? That's what I want to know!

This Vonn-Woods romance looks more and more serious, while Woods' feud with golfer Sergio Garcia looks more and more ridiculous.

Garcia has apologized for saying he'd have Woods over for "fried chicken" during the U.S. Open.

Woods tweeted that Garcia's remark was "hurtful." Hard to believe, since Woods has never been Mr. Black Power on the course and he describes himself not as black but "Cablinasian," a word he coined to recognize his Caucasian, black, (American) Indian and Asian heritage. So no jokes about Thanksgiving or Thai food either, Sergio (or Slurgio, as sports mouth Jim Rome has renamed Garcia).


Former KSTP-TV anchor Vineeta Sawkar taped her first CW Twin Cities public affairs show Wednesday.

"Our Issues Twin Cities" airs some Sundays at 10 a.m. starting June 9.

"It was about the foster care system and a program called 'Connections to Independence' out of the Sabathani Community Center that works with older kids who are in the foster care system, helping them transition to being adults out of the system.

"It was great," she said. "It was so uplifting to do a whole half-hour show on something so positive. This is just a freelance gig; I'm popping in and doing these shows periodically. Yes, I am working on something else that's full time."

She's still not tipping her hand about that.

Another former KSTPer, Mark Saxenmeyer, told me he may have a new job lined up, but he doesn't want to jinx it by revealing too much before everything's finalized.

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