Was MLB Commissioner Bud Selig saying Pete Rose has a real chance for reinstatement?

Selig appeared Monday on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike,” which set up its broadcast outside of Kieran’s Irish Pub a day before the All Star Game.

For the second consecutive year, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic are doing the in-stadium announcing for the All Star Game’s Home Run Derby.

Greenberg asked Selig -- attending his final All-Star Game as Commish, a result of announcing he’ll retire in January 2015 -- whether he was going to pull a presidential move on the way outta there.

Greeny said he was asking because he’s been asked the question.

“When a president leaves office, on his final day he can give all of these pardons. Is there any chance that you’ll try to sneak it in under everybody’s nose and reinstate Pete Rose to baseball?” Greeny asked. “Any chance at all?”

There was a smattering of cheers from the crowd for the Cincinnati Reds’ Charlie Hustle, who’s been living under a lifetime ban from baseball since 1989 for betting on the game.

“I guess he’s got some fans over there,” Selig said. “Since I’m the judge in this matter, it’s a matter under advisement, and I just really don’t have anything to say. The only two pardons I certainly would grant, that I know of, today would be [to] you, two.”

Golic quipped: “I would say I’m probably going to need it. Greeny, more than anybody else.”

Last month, Rose told USA Today: “To be honest with you, I really haven’t given up on Bud giving me a second chance.”

Rose is reportedly feeling optimistic because Selig approved of Rose serving as unofficial manager of a Connecticut Independent Atlantic League team, the Bluefish. USA Today described the appearance for the Bluefish as a publicity stunt.

While speaking to media in April, Selig said Rose’s situation is “under review.” However, it seem significant that Selig is now making a similar utterance while being surrounded by future Hall of Famers, in the midst of a major baseball event covered by every significant sports media outlet.


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