MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell threw his new bride, Dallas Yocum, a party Saturday.

It was quite a bash despite the absence of Otis Redding III and Bob Seger (… rumors to the contrary; I’ll explain later).

The Oak Ridge Hotel and Conference Center in Chaska was decked out (inside and out) for the scheduled 3 p.m.-to-midnight celebration that began with the marriage ceremony.

There was a fireworks show that I know was in the $20,000 to $50,000 price range — indicative of someone having too much money, I told Lindell.

He came right back at me with a joke about how it was an expense he could afford now that he wasn’t throwing away money on cocaine.

Read all about Lindell’s life in his upcoming autobiography, “Against the Wind,” co-written with Michael Levine.

As Lindell movingly said in remarks at the reception, he regrets nothing in his past because all those events led him to this wonderful day with Dallas, a MyPillow executive.

Lindell enjoys stressing that he is not a “two-forker.” In other words, he prides himself as a guy who eschews fancy meals where more than one fork is required.

More than a few people at the reception took pleasure in noting that there were three forks at each place setting and two spoons. There was even a fussy sorbet palate-cleansing course. The food was terrific, the carrots and asparagus both had crunch, but if I might dwell on the sweets, the berry sorbet and the white wedding cake were off the chart.

Before the fireworks, the 300-plus guests were treated to a few rocking sets of music from Alto Reed (“Turn the Page,” Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band fame); Dave (“We Just Disagree”) Mason; Mark (Grand Funk Railroad) Farner, and DeWayne Jessie (at least that’s one of his names, although he’s better known as the lead singer of “Otis Day and the Knights” in “National Lampoon’s Animal House.”)

After I finished a video interview with Day, who had vamoosed because he was due back on stage, I was packing up my gear when a woman came over with questions.

Was that Otis Redding III who was just with me? No. Was it true that Bob Seger was out there on the stage? Also not true, although the guy on the keyboards resembled Seger.

Lindell, who has been to more than 40 Seger concerts and has even flown on the Silver Bullet Band’s private jet, told me that Seger would not be there. But I kept half-expecting Seger to make a surprise appearance because Lindell’s close friend Reed and Seger are longtime colleagues.

Otis, my man!

The man known as Otis Day had a moment on stage when he decided to take it down.

Who knows why he decided to get down on the stage but as soon as I saw him there, I doubted his ability to get back on his feet on his own.

“I made a mistake,” Day told me. When it was time to get up, vocalist Kathleen Murray assisted.

Smart Fashion Plate

Casey Smart sent her dad a missive that simply invited him to “CHECK ME OUT!”

Smart was walking down a NYC street when she caught the eye of the blog in her “Alexander Wang pants, Liz Claiborne shirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Alexander Wang bag.”

She’s working at a restaurant saving money to pursue a graduate degree in the culinary arts. This fashion plate did not fall far from the table. Her parents are Cindie Smart of Smart Legal Assistance and Jim Smart of Smart Associates, creators of restaurant and retail environments and one of the nation’s largest designers of men’s clothing stores. Her dad always looks the part.


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