From the 1960 Survey project, a simple two-story commercial structure on 10th & Nicollet:


C.M. Stendal, the Shoeist! By the time this picture was taken the sign must have been 40 years old; at least the design harks back to the 20s. A detail:



The Shoeist stopped shoeing at some point before I got here in the late 70s, and the store found other uses - between the late 80s and a few years ago, it was the home of Let It Be, a classic record shop with band-poster wallpaper and that particular funky aroma that always attaches itself to old record stores. (Musty cardboard, wet carpet, humans.) The building was slated for demolition to construct the Nicollet condo, a 50+ story building that would have been the crowning achievement of the condo boom, but so far, nil. (The site's up, though.) 

When Let It Be let it go, the awnings came down, and ghosts of the old signs were revealed:



It's one of the last pieces of late-20s commercial architecture downtown with its facade intact and its old signage still apparent. Wonder what happened to the sign.