Two of my New Year's resolutions -- to become more techno-savvy and to cook more -- collided in what turned out to be a fairly painful way on Sunday.

I keep the Barefoot Contessa's Family Style recipe book opened to the String Beans with Shallots recipe on a book holder on my kitchen counter. I've never made that recipe - it just happened to be the one that the book opened to when I plopped it in there, purely to have something other than a toaster and coffee pot to look at.


On Sunday, I was making a coq au vin recipe (an easy one, NOT Julia Child's) that I had pulled up on my iPad. The only place I could prop it up was right there on the holder, in front of the String Bean recipe.

It made me wonder if recipe books are becoming a thing of the past? I have about a dozen of them, many of which were wedding gifts 22 years ago. Others are ones I have picked up along the way or received as gifts.One called Dinners in a Hurry (or something like that) was a much-appreciated gift from a friend after I complained that I never felt like I had enough time to cook during the work week. 

Most of the recipes I get these days are from online, mostly I pick up the recipe books now and again for some standby favorites but they often sit unused.

Where do you get your recipes? Do you still use recipe books?