$175 million: Expected economic gain for the Tampa Bay region.

$155 million: Fundraising goal set by the Tampa Bay Host Committee.

$45 million: Amount of a private fund used for the recent overhaul of the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

$1.4 million: Amount paid to rent the Tampa Convention Center.

$20 million: Cost to the Tampa Bay Host Committee for renovation of the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

$50 million: Federal funds awarded to Tampa through the Federal Convention Security Grant to cover security costs.

$24.8 million: Allocated by Tampa for law enforcement personnel for the convention. Of that, just $4 million went to the Tampa Police Department. The rest went to officers from other agencies. Tampa has enlisted help from 63 other police departments to bring in 3,500- 4,000 "contingency officers."

1,700: Estimated number of National Guard troops to be deployed.

$10 million: Spending by the Tampa Police Department on portable and mobile radios; 60 new surveillance cameras for the downtown area; upgrading communication links between its helicopters and ground units; gas masks and accessories; and specialized patrol bicycles.

50,000-70,000: Estimated number of visitors expected at the convention, including politicians, delegates, dignitaries, journalists and others.

4,411: The estimated number of delegates and alternates expected to attend - 2,286 delegates and 2,125 alternates.