This is an important day for the Star Tribune — the first day of a new beginning. Today we emerge from bankruptcy with new owners and a new lease on our future. But our mission has not changed.

Providing quality journalism that serves the vital information needs of this community is at the very core of who we are and what has defined us for the past 142 years. That is the mission we are committed to upholding for the future.

Our future, and that of newspapers in general, is the subject of both local and national debate. As we have dealt very publicly with our financial issues over the past year, many of you have talked to us about the high value you place on the role we play in the democratic and social processes of our community. You have expressed sincere concern and told us that you cannot imagine this community without a strong daily newspaper.

Neither can we.

Bankruptcy allowed us to reorganize so that we can be a financially stronger and more resilient company. It also gave us time to do what we know we must. Simply put, we must reinvent our business.

We are confident, committed and up to the challenge, and we know that you are the most important constituency in that process.

Primarily, the challenge is finding new ways to finance the quality journalism that you have come to expect of us. Ultimately, you get to decide what information you want, how you want to receive it and at what price. The debate about the future of newspapers is really a debate about what you, as readers, are willing to support. It is incumbent upon us to provide the content you value, distributed through the media you prefer.

The Star Tribune, in various incarnations, has been serving this community since 1867 and has had many ups and downs. In spite of our recent challenges, we are still by far the leading provider of news, information and advertising in the Twin Cities—because of your support. We are confident that in the next five, ten and 142 years, the evolved Star Tribune will still be the most important and trusted news source in Minnesota.

What we do is more than a business to us. It is also a calling, a community service and a public trust. We are proud to serve such an outstanding community, and we are honored to have all of you as readers.

Thank you for reading the Star Tribune and

Michael T. P. Sweeney

Chairman of the Board
Star Tribune Media Company LLC


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