Alexander: Forward an e-mail but not the addresses

  • Article by: STEVE ALEXANDER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 1, 2013 - 6:34 PM

Q: How can I delete a group of e-mail addresses from an e-mail I’m forwarding? I use Windows.

Leon Rogers,

Mayfield, Ky.

A: Your e-mail program can’t forward only part of a message; the Internet mail system isn’t built that way.

But there is a workaround. You can copy the original e-mail and paste it into a word processing program, then use the program to delete the e-mail addresses you don’t want to share. Just erase the To and CC, or “carbon copy,” lines of the original e-mail.

Copy the edited message and paste it into a new e-mail. Then address the e-mail to the person with whom you were reluctant to share all those addresses. After you hit “send,” the recipient will see only your e-mail address.

For editing, use the free Windows program Notepad. Go to Start, choose All Programs and click on Accessories. Click on Notepad to open it.

Q: How do I download free audiobooks from Internet websites and use my Windows PC to burn them to CDs or transfer them to my iPod Nano?

Debbie Becker, Grand Rapids, Minn.

A: First of all, you need some free audiobooks. For a list of 14 websites that provide free audiobooks you can download, see (OK, it’s a list of 15 websites, but the link for “ejunto” doesn’t work.)

The free audiobooks you download can be burned to a disk by using either iTunes or Windows Media Player, just as a song could be.

To import an audiobook into iTunes or Windows Media Player, see

For directions on how to burn an audiobook to a disk using Windows Media Player, see To burn a disk with iTunes, see

To put an audiobook on your iPod, you must first import the audiobook to iTunes, then transfer it from iTunes to the iPod. See

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