Ask the consultant: Best ways to brand a socially responsible company?

  • Updated: June 10, 2012 - 11:50 AM


For a socially responsible company, which seems to be the trend lately, what are the best ways to brand, sell, inform or even educate consumers on the importance of these types of products?





Generally, marketers should avoid pursuing the latest trends -- customers eventually see through the hype and will punish you for not being authentic.

It's much better to study the market for the product or service you are interested in offering, identify the segment(s) whose needs for the product/service are not well met, and position your product/service to serve that target market.

Carve out a place in these customers' minds relative to your competition that shows you as a reasonable alternative to those competitors, offering a better way to satisfy customers' needs.

As a socially responsible company, you will likely find your target market consists of customers who value your responsible actions and are probably unhappy with their current alternatives. Your challenge is to show these customers that your social responsibility is sincere and makes a difference.

Choose marketing actions that help your target market understand exactly how your responsible actions allow you to better satisfy their needs. That's where the value of those actions becomes concrete in people's minds.

You need happy users of your product/service who will spread their positive experiences with others, either directly or through testimonials, videos, blogs, social media, etc.

Having happy customers spreading the word about the value of your socially responsible actions is a less expensive and probably more effective way of educating the market and broadening the appeal of your product/service.

Stay true to your values and focused on satisfying your customers. Then watch the market to see the importance of your product/service.

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