Here's a do-your-dog-a-favor project you can complete in a couple of hours for under $20.  You have likely seen these dog loungers before at dog boarding or dog training businesses.  They are nearly indestructible and easy to build.

I looked on the Internet for suppliers of the beds and was amazed at how expensive they were.  Over a hundred dollars at some retailers.  I knew PVC is cheap and how much can a piece of 3 X 4' canvas cost?  So I switched my Internet focus to how-to sites.  Here's a link to the most helpful site I found

The You Tube video offered on this site is a step-by-step primer for building a bed.  I worked with a pal to build seven beds during the past several weeks and we figure our cost per bed at right around $17.50.  You can buy one eight foot stick of 1 1/2"  PVC at Menards for $3.99.  That's enough to build the bed you see in the photo.  The corners elbows are not available locally.  Buy them from United States Plastic Corporation ( or 800-537-9724) for $1.80 each.

It took me about 30 minutes with my table saw to fashion the arms (length and width is your choice depending on the size of your dog) and 4" legs.  Then simply insert the PVC into the four corner elbows and tap with a hammer.  Your bed frame is done.

My friend and I splurged on fabric.  We bought a thicker vinyl used on boat cushions.  But ordinary canvas would work. Flip the bed frame over and cut the fabric 3" longer than the frame on each side.  Fold the edges once or twice and attach to the underside of the PVC with a self-drilling 3/4" screw.  We used size 8 screws from Fastenal.  There are some tricks viewable on the Columbus Dog Connection site video showing you how to make your bed fabric drum tight.  This is important. If the fabric is too slack your dog will bottom out on the cold concrete.

So far my lab seems to be enjoying the comfort and resisting the temptation to chew on his new lounger. 

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