Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said Monday that he refrained from awarding Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game last week because he feared setting a bad precedent and opening a "Pandora's box.'' He also pronounced himself "very comfortable" with his decision, even though a sizable percentage of fans and media urged him to make an exception on Galarraga's behalf.

But Selig also told reporters that he does not see a groundswell of support in baseball circles for greater use of instant replay. While he will continue to hold discussions with his special committee for on-field matters, he expressed doubt that expanded use of replay will take place during the 2010 season.

"It is interesting," Selig said. "Most baseball people are really against instant replay. There's no question about that. I could sense that the last three days [in talking to people].

"In the end, good or bad, I will do what I think is right. I'm going to take the responsibility for it. I've been at this the last 45 years of my life, and the last 18 [as commissioner], so I'll trust my own judgment."

We don't always agree with the commish, but we have to here in both cases -- even if, you know, the leader of the free world kind of disagrees on instant replay. Must not be a baseball person, just like all you other haters.

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