It’s time to deflate the beach balls, stash the swim trunks and ditch the flip-flops. As much as we hate to admit it, summer is over. No more sunbathing, lemonade stands or watermelon in the park. Winter’s doom and gloom is right around the bend.

But before the parka party starts, we have a few months of the always-too-short autumn. Bonfires. Flannel. Pumpkin spice lattés (if you must). Hoodie season is also a great time for spirits and cocktails, whether combating the increasingly brisk air with a nip of rye whiskey from a flask or rewarding yourself with a post-raking Manhattan.

As the leaves adopt a different shade, so can your cocktails. These five spirits and liqueurs can help tailor your next drink to the new season. Fall in love with fall one sip at a time.