The climate is changing. It's us. There are solutions. If you dwell on gloom & doom many people shut down.

WCCO Radio's Jordana Green and I have made a conscious choice not to focus on political intrigue. Report the news of the day, but not partake in the ongoing food fight. Getting anyone to actually change their mind is the rough equivalent of asking a Vikings fan to root for the Packers. Good luck with that.

We'll focus on what unites us: common ground — solutions we can all agree on. Clean energy is one such bridge issue. Saving money. More good-paying jobs. Less pollution, cleaner water and a stable climate? Yes please.

Saturday's buttermilk sky was the result of smoke from western wildfires. A pop-up shower is possible by afternoon; more numerous showers Wednesday into next weekend as a cold low pressure swirl temporarily stalls nearby. Expect 70s for highs this week, but models show a slow warming trend by mid-August. We'll probably see more 80s and a few more 90s later in August.

Is it too cool for the lake? Maybe, but I'll take a lukewarm front any day of the week.