People on the bridge when it collapsed


People killed in the collapse


People injured


non-construction vehicles on the bridge when it fell

$52.4 million

paid to survivors in a settlement with URS Engineering

$37 million

paid to survivors by the state of Minnesota

collapse, then recovery


Aug, 1, 6:05 p.m.: 35W bridge collapses.

Aug. 2: Gov. Tim Pawlenty orders review of bridge inspection processes and emergency inspections.

Aug. 6: FBI, Navy divers arrive with equipment to help recovery.

Aug. 20: MnDOT begins demolition.

Aug. 23: Preliminary plans for replacement bridge are made public.

Sept. 19: MnDOT awards contract to Flatiron/Manson.

Dec. 19: Legislature hires special counsel to investigate collapse.

Dec. 21: MnDOT completes inspections of 4,000 Minnesota bridges.


Jan. 15: National Transportation Safety Board cites inadequacy in design of bridge gusset plates.

March - June: Examination of gusset plates leads to closure, repair or replacement of several bridges.

June 16: MnDOT announces $2.5 billion plan to replace or fix 120 bridges.

Sept. 18: New I-35W bridge opens.

Nov. 13: NTSB faults wrong-sized gusset plates for collapse.


April 17: State divides $37 million compensation among 179 victims.

Nov. 6: Progressive Contractors Inc., which resurfaced the old bridge, settles with survivors and state.


March 19: URS and its insurers agree to pay state $5 million.

July: Attorneys for victims argue for punitive damages against URS.

Aug. 23: $52.4 million settlement with URS.

Remembering those who died

Julia Blackhawk

Richard Chit

Paul Eickstadt

Sherry Engebretsen

Peter Hausmann

Patrick Holmes

Gregory Jolstad

Vera Peck

Christina Sacorafas

Scott Sathers

Sadiya Sahal

Hana Sahal

Artemio Trinidad-Mena