When the game is on Thursday, Sunday becomes Wednesday (yippee). So we just got off the conference call with Saints QB Drew Brees.

The Super Bowl MVP threw his two cents into what is the Storyline of the Week: Whether the Saints crossed the line in beating the you-know-what out Brett Favre in the NFC title game.   

Brees said: "I would say that any defensive player, when they have a chance to take a shot at the quarterback legally, you're going to take it. I feel like that's something that every defensive coach and every defensive player talks about. I know that we did hit Favre a lot in that game, but that's the style of defense we play with the pressure packages and everything else.

"I don't think they hit him illegally in any way. Do I think they hit hard? Yeah.  They hit him hard and they hit him a lot. But I don't think they hit him illegal. There was no extra malice or anything like that. Any defense out there, if the Vikings guys get a clean shot at me, I know they're going to take it. that's football. Everybody loves hitting the quarterback."

Brees also said he wasn't shocked to see Favre come back this season.

"I expected it to happen. The guy is still a very, very good player. He's a great player. Hou can tell he loves the game. He's the kind of guy who as long as he's healthy enough to play, he's going to play."